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Cleo Clarify Quick Reference Guides

Clarify Quick Ref. Guides

13th June 2019 -- Step-by-Step: Convert V1 Ruleset to V2 - Part 2

Cleo Clarify Tips

Clarify Tips

17th June 2019 -- Resolving Cleo Clarify Server Jobs in Limbo

Cleo Clarify Errors

Clarify Errors

6th June 2019 -- IndexOutOfBoundsException during XML Ruleset Transformation

EXTOL EDI Integrator Screenshot

CLEO EDI Integrator

7th August 2017-- How-to Separate x12 Documents Into Their Own Interchanges

EXTOL Business Integrator 2.6 Screenshot

EXTOL Business Integrator

16th April 2017-- Finding POs with Dashboard and Re-Process in EBI Auditor

EXTOL Secure Exchange Screenshot

Extol Secure Exchange

13th April 2016-- Set-up EXTOL Proxy/Server to use SSL

Cleo VLTrader Articles How-to Tips

VLTrader Tips

25th February 2017 -- Diagnosing VLTrader Errors

Best Practices for EXTOL EDI Integrator

EXTOL Best Practices

2nd March 2017 -- Command :: RTVDTM :: Retrieve System Date for Outbound Map

Cleo Clarify YouTube Videos

Cleo Clarify Videos

27th April 2017 -- Team Synchronization :: Part 1 Postings:

EXTOL Business Integrator 3 Instructions

Clarify 3 Instructions

31st May 2015 -- Create PGP public/private certificates using GPG

EXTOL Business Integrator 3 Tips

Clarify 3 Tips

31st July 2015 -- Link EXTOL Secure Exchange and EXTOL Business Integrator

EXTOL Business Integrator 3 Errors

Clarify 3 Errors

23rd October 2015 -- Unable to Deploy EDI Enveloper to Server

The Blogs

EXTOL Business Integrator 3 Blog Blog

Posted January 16th, 2017 Can Assist Cleo Clarify 4.5+ users with How-to's, Instructions and more!

EXTOL Business Integrator 2 Blog Blog

Posted April 6th, 2017

YouTube Videos for Cleo Clarify

EXTOL Business Integrator 4 Blog

Cleo Clarify Blog

Posted May 15, 2019

What's New with Clarify 4.17 Release

Sean Hoppe Consulting Group Blog

Sean Hoppe Consulting Group Blog

Posted June 17th, 2019

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