Inbound/Outbound Address Overrides

EXTOL DDS - Inbound/Oubound Address Overrides

In cases where we need to capture address information for ship-to, ship-from, remit-to we can use the DDS below.

Users can use the our 855 spreadsheet to see how ZAMLNM, ZAADD1, ZAADD2, and etc are mapped. Click here for XLS >


The DDS below is good for inbound and outbound transactions.

     A          R F4706                     TEXT('EDI Order Address')

     A            ZAEKCO     00005A         TEXT('Document Key Company')
     A            ZAEDOC     00009S         TEXT('Document Number')
     A            ZAEDCT     00002A         TEXT('Document Type')
     A            ZAEDLN     00007P 3       TEXT('Line Number')
     A            ZAEDSP     00001A         TEXT('Processed Code')
     A            ZAEDBT     00015A         TEXT('Batch Number')
     A            ZAFILE     00010A         TEXT('File ID')
     A            ZADOCO     00008S         TEXT('Order Number')
     A            ZADCTO     00002A         TEXT('Order Type')
     A            ZAKCOO     00005A         TEXT('Order Company')
     A            ZAANTY     00001A         TEXT('Address Number Type')
     A            ZAN104     00020A         TEXT('Location ID - N104')
     A            ZAMLNM     00040A         TEXT('Mailing Name')
     A            ZAADD1     00040A         TEXT('Address Line 1')
     A            ZAADD2     00040A         TEXT('Address Line 2')
     A            ZAADD3     00040A         TEXT('Address Line 3')
     A            ZAADD4     00040A         TEXT('Address Line 4')
     A            ZAADDZ     00012A         TEXT('Postal Code')
     A            ZACTY1     00025A         TEXT('City')
     A            ZACOUN     00025A         TEXT('County')
     A            ZAADDS     00003A         TEXT('State')
     A            ZACRTE     00004A         TEXT('Carrier Route (Future)')
     A            ZABKML     00002A         TEXT('Bulk Mailing Center (Future)')
     A            ZACTR      00003A         TEXT('Country')
     A            ZAMAIL     00050A         TEXT('Email Address')
     A            ZAFONE     00020A         TEXT('Phone Number')
     A            ZAFAX      00020A         TEXT('Fax Number')
     A            ZATORG     00010A         TEXT('Transaction Originator')
     A            ZAUSER     00010A         TEXT('User ID')
     A            ZAPID      00010A         TEXT('Program ID')
     A            ZAJOBN     00010A         TEXT('Work Station ID')
     A            ZAUPMJ     00008S         TEXT('Date Updated')
     A            ZATDAY     00006P         TEXT('Time of Day')


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