Inbound/Outbound Notes and Comments

EXTOL DDS - Inbound/Oubound Notes and Comments

In most cases the only element to field mapping that will occur, during an inbound trasaction is MSG01 -> ZTTXLN. Many of the other fields, such as ZTEDOC, SZFILE will be hardcoded.

Users can use the our 810 spreadsheet to see how ZTTXLN is mapped. Click here for XLS >

Invoice 810 Header, Click here >


The DDS below is good for inbound and outbound transactions.

     A          R F4714                     TEXT('EDI Order Text Lines')
     A            ZTEDTY     00001A         TEXT('Record Type')
     A            ZTEDSQ     00002P         TEXT('Record Sequence')
     A            ZTEKCO     00005A         TEXT('Document Key Company')
     A            ZTEDOC     00009S         TEXT('Document Number')
     A            ZTEDCT     00002A         TEXT('Document Type')
     A            ZTEDLN     00007P 3       TEXT('Line Number')
     A            ZTEDSP     00001A         TEXT('Processed (Y/N)')
     A            ZTEDBT     00015A         TEXT('Batch Number')
     A            ZTFILE     00010A         TEXT('File ID')
     A            ZTKCOO     00005A         TEXT('Order Company')
     A            ZTDOCO     00008S         TEXT('Order Number')
     A            ZTDCTO     00002A         TEXT('Order Type')
     A            ZTLNID     00006P 3       TEXT('Line Number')
     A            ZTPNTC     00001A         TEXT('Print Before')
     A            ZTLINS     00009P 2       TEXT('Line Number')
     A            ZTTXLN     00060A         TEXT('Message Text Line')
     A            ZTTORG     00010A         TEXT('Transaction Originator')
     A            ZTUSER     00010A         TEXT('User ID')
     A            ZTPID      00010A         TEXT('Program ID')
     A            ZTJOBN     00010A         TEXT('Work Station ID')
     A            ZTUPMJ     00008S         TEXT('Date Updated')
     A            ZTTDAY     00006P         TEXT('Time of Day')


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