Advanced Shipping Notice 856

EXTOL DDS - Advanced Shipping Notice 856

Users can use the our spreadsheet to assist with x12 EDI 856 field, element mappings. Click here for XLS >


The DDS below is good for inbound and outbound transactions.

     A          R F470371                   TEXT('F470371')
     A            SZEDTY     00001A         TEXT('Type Record')
     A            SZEDSQ     00002P         TEXT('Record Sequence')
     A            SZEDOC     00009S         TEXT('Document Number')
     A            SZEKCO     00005A         TEXT('Document Key Company')
     A            SZEDLN     00007P         TEXT('Line Number')
     A            SZEDDT     00006S         TEXT('EDI - Transmission Date')
     A            SZEDER     00001A         TEXT('Send/Receive Indicator')
     A            SZEDDL     00005P         TEXT('Number of Detail Lines')
     A            SZEDSP     00001A         TEXT('Process Code')
     A            SZPNID     00015A         TEXT('Trading Partner ID')
     A            SZSPID     00020A         TEXT('Shipment I.D.')
     A            SZHLVL     00001S         TEXT('Hierarchical Level')
     A            SZHL03     00002A         TEXT('Hierarchical Level Code')
     A            SZDOCO     00008S         TEXT('Order Number')
     A            SZLNID     00006P         TEXT('Line Number')
     A            SZAN8      00008S         TEXT('Trading Partner Ship To')
     A            SZSHAN     00008S         TEXT('Trading Partner Bill To')
     A            SZDRQJ     00008S         TEXT('Date Requested')
     A            SZTRDJ     00008S         TEXT('Order Date')
     A            SZPDDJ     00008S         TEXT('Promised Delivery')
     A            SZOPDJ     00008S         TEXT('Original Promised')
     A            SZADDJ     00008S         TEXT('Actual Ship')
     A            SZIVD      00008S         TEXT('Invoice Date')
     A            SZCNDJ     00008S         TEXT('Cancel By')
     A            SZDGL      00008S         TEXT('For G/L')
     A            SZRSDJ     00008S         TEXT('Promised Delivery')
     A            SZPEFJ     00008S         TEXT('Price Effective')
     A            SZPPDJ     00008S         TEXT('Promised Shipment')
     A            SZRQSJ     00008S         TEXT('Requested Ship')
     A            SZADLJ     00008S         TEXT('Actual Delivery')
     A            SZVR01     00025A         TEXT('Purchase Order Number')
     A            SZVR02     00025A         TEXT('Purchase Order Number 2')
     A            SZLITM     00025A         TEXT('BCI Item')
     A            SZAITM     00025A         TEXT('UPC Item')
     A            SZCITM     00025A         TEXT('Customer Item')
     A            SZDSC1     00030A         TEXT('Description 1')
     A            SZDSC2     00030A         TEXT('Description 2')
     A            SZUOM      00002A         TEXT('Unit of Measure')
     A            SZUORG     00015P 2       TEXT('Quantity Ordered')
     A            SZSOQS     00015P 2       TEXT('Quantity Shipped')
     A            SZQTYT     00015P 4       TEXT('Total Quantity')
     A            SZUPRC     00015P 4       TEXT('Unit Price')
     A            SZAEXP     00015P 4       TEXT('Extended Amount')
     A            SZLPRC     00015P 4       TEXT('Unit List Price')
     A            SZPSN      00008S         TEXT('Pick Slip Number')
     A            SZEUSE     00003A         TEXT('Line Number')
     A            SZCARS     00008S         TEXT('Carrier CODE')
     A            SZCNID     00020A         TEXT('Container I.D.')
     A            SZFCNM     00025A         TEXT('Freight Carrier Number')
     A            SZBOL      00025A         TEXT('Bill of Lading')
     A            SZFRTH     00010A         TEXT('Freight Handling Code')
     A            SZUOM1     00002A         TEXT('UOM 1')
     A            SZUOM2     00002A         TEXT('UOM 2')
     A            SZITWT     00015P 4       TEXT('Item Weight')
     A            SZWTUM     00002A         TEXT('Item Weight UOM')
     A            SZITVL     00015P 4       TEXT('Item Volume')
     A            SZVLUM     00002A         TEXT('Volume UOM')
     A            SZGRWT     00015P 4       TEXT('Gross Weight')
     A            SZGWUM     00002A         TEXT('Weight UOM')
     A            SZPLT      00018A         TEXT('Pallet Number')
     A            SZPAK      00018A         TEXT('Pack Number')
     A            SZSCCN     00014A         TEXT('UCC128 Number')
     A            SZSCCQ     00015P 4       TEXT('SZSCCQ')
     A            SZLINS     00009P         TEXT('Work Order - Line Number')
     A            SZSTPC     00001A         TEXT('Type Code')
     A            SZUPMJ     00008S         TEXT('Date Updated')
     A            SZTDAY     00006P         TEXT('Time Updated')
     A            SZREF01    00080A         TEXT('Alpha Reference 1')
     A            SZREF02    00080A         TEXT('Alpha Reference 2')
     A            SZREF03    00080A         TEXT('Alpha Reference 3')
     A            SZREF04    00015S         TEXT('Zone Reference 1')
     A            SZREF05    00015S         TEXT('Zone Reference 2')
     A            SZREF06    00015S         TEXT('Zone Reference 3')


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