Freight Transportation Load Tender 204 Header

EXTOL DDS - Freight Transportation Load Tender 204 Header

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     A          R EHDFMT                    TEXT('BILL-OF-LADING HEADER')
     A            CONO           2          TEXT('COMPANY NO.')
     A            PRTNID         6          TEXT('PARTNER I.D.')
     A            BILLNO         5S 0       TEXT('BILL-OF-LADING NO.')
     A            PPD            2          TEXT('PP=PREPAID,CC=COLLECT')
     A            PRONO         13          TEXT('PRO #/TRANSACTION #')
     A            IDATE          7S 0       TEXT('INVOICE DATE/PICKUP DATE')
     A            STNAME        35          TEXT('SHIP-TO NAME')
     A            STNAM2        35          TEXT('SHIP-TO NAME 2')
     A            STADD1        35          TEXT('SHIP-TO ADDRESS 1')
     A            STADD2        35          TEXT('SHIP-TO ADDRESS 2')
     A            STCITY        19          TEXT('SHIP-TO CITY')
     A            STSTAT         2          TEXT('SHIP-TO STATE')
     A            STZIP          9          TEXT('SHIP-TO ZIP')
     A            BTNAME        35          TEXT('BILL FRT. TO NAME')
     A            BTADD1        35          TEXT('BILL FRT. TO ADDRESS 1')
     A            BTADD2        35          TEXT('BILL FRT. TO ADDRESS 2')
     A            BTCITY        19          TEXT('BILL FRT. TO CITY')
     A            BTSTAT         2          TEXT('BILL FRT. TO STATE')
     A            BTZIP          9          TEXT('BILL FRT. TO ZIP')
     A            ID             1          TEXT('INSIDE DELIVERY - Y OR N')
     A            BOOKPG         9          TEXT('BOOK/PAGE FOR UPS')
     A            PUTIME         6          TEXT('REQUESTED PICKUP TIME(UPS)')
     A            RSDLVY         1          TEXT('RESIDENTIAL DLVY - Y OR N')
     A            CALBFD         1          TEXT('CALL BEFORE DLVY - Y OR N')
     A            SHFROM         3          TEXT('SHIP FROM STATE')
     A            CUSTPO        20          TEXT('CUST. ORDER REF. (P.O.)')
     A            SFNAME        35          TEXT('SHIP-FROM NAME')
     A            SFNAM2        35          TEXT('SHIP-FROM NAME 2')
     A            SFADD1        35          TEXT('SHIP-FROM ADDRESS 1')
     A            SFADD2        35          TEXT('SHIP-FROM ADDRESS 2')
     A            SFCITY        19          TEXT('SHIP-FROM CITY')
     A            SFSTAT         2          TEXT('SHIP-FROM STATE')
     A            SFZIP          9          TEXT('SHIP-FROM ZIP')
     A            SFPONE        10          TEXT('SHIP-FROM PHONE')
     A            STPONE        10          TEXT('SHIP-TO PHONE')
     A            OTSCAC         4          TEXT('CARRIER CODE')
     A            OTCARR         8          TEXT('CARRIER')
     A            FRACCT        15          TEXT('FREIGHT ACCT')
     A            ORDNUM         7          TEXT('HMCC ORDER NO.')
     A            SHPDVL         8  2       TEXT('SHIPMENT DECLARED VALUE')
     A            INVVAL         8  2       TEXT('SHIPMENT INVOICE VALUE')
     A            DATTIM          Z         COLHDG('DATE/TIME' 'ADDED TO FILE')

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