Purchase Order Acknowledgement 855 Header

EXTOL DDS - Purchase Order Acknowledgement 855 Header

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The DDS below is good for inbound and outbound transactions.

     A          R F47026                    TEXT('F47026')

     A            SYEKCO     00005A         TEXT('DOCUMENT KEY COMPANY')
     A            SYEDOC     00009S         TEXT('SEQUENCE NUMBER')
     A            SYEDCT     00002A         TEXT('DOCUMENT TYPE')
     A            SYEDER     00001A         TEXT('DIRECTION CODE')
     A            SYEDSP     00001A         TEXT('PROCESS FLAG')
     A            SYEDBT     00015A         TEXT('BATCH NUMBER')
     A            SYPNID     00015A         TEXT('TRADING PARTNER ID')
     A            SYTPUR     00002A         TEXT('TRANSACTION SET PURPOSE CODE')
     A            SYDOCO     00008S         TEXT('ORDER NUMBER')
     A            SYDCTO     00002A         TEXT('ORDER TYPE')
     A            SYMCU      00012A         TEXT('BUSINESS UNIT')
     A            SYAN8      00008S         TEXT('TRADING PARTNER BILL TO')
     A            SYSHAN     00008S         TEXT('TRADING PARTNER SHIP TO')
     A            SYDRQJ     00008S         TEXT('DATE - REQUESTED')
     A            SYTRDJ     00008S         TEXT('DATE - ORDER')
     A            SYPDDJ     00008S         TEXT('DATE - SCHEDULED')
     A            SYOPDJ     00008S         TEXT('PROMISE DATE')
     A            SYADDJ     00008S         TEXT('SHIP DATE')
     A            SYCNDJ     00008S         TEXT('CANCEL DATE')
     A            SYPPDJ     00008S         TEXT('PROMISED SHIP DATE')
     A            SYPSDJ     00008S         TEXT('FUTURE DATE')
     A            SYVR01     00025A         TEXT('PURCHASE ORDER NUMBER')
     A            SYVR02     00025A         TEXT('PURCHASE ORDER NUMBER 2')
     A            SYDEL1     00030A         TEXT('DELIVER NOTES 1')
     A            SYDEL2     00030A         TEXT('DELIVER NOTES 2')
     A            SYPTC      00003A         TEXT('PAYMENT TERMS CODE')
     A            SYASN      00008A         TEXT('PRICE/ADJUSTMENT SCHED')
     A            SYCARS     00008A         TEXT('CARRIER CODE')
     A            SYSTOP     00003A         TEXT('REFERENCE IDENTIFICATION- YB')
     A            SYCNID     00030A         TEXT('CONTAINER ID')
     A            SYFRTH     00003A         TEXT('FREIGHT HANDLING')
     A            SYACKS     00002A         TEXT('SUMMARY ACK STATUS')
     A            SYOTOT     00015S 2       TEXT('ORDER GROSS')
     A            SYTOTC     00015P 4       TEXT('ORDER NET')
     A            SYURRF     00015A         TEXT('REFERENCE IDENTIFICATION- IL')
     A            SYUSER     00010A         TEXT('USER CODE')
     A            SYUPMJ     00008S         TEXT('DATE - UPDATED')
     A            SYTDAY     00006P         TEXT('TIME OF DAY')
     A            SYREF01    00080A         TEXT('ALPHA REFERENCE 1')
     A            SYREF02    00080A         TEXT('ALPHA REFERENCE 2')
     A            SYREF03    00080A         TEXT('ALPHA REFERENCE 3')
     A            SYREF04    00015S         TEXT('ZONE REFERENCE 1')
     A            SYREF05    00015S         TEXT('ZONE REFERENCE 2')
     A            SYREF06    00015S         TEXT('ZONE REFERENCE 3')


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