Purchase Order 850 Header

EXTOL DDS - Purchase Order 850 Header

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The DDS below is good for inbound and outbound transactions.

     M* Maintenance   :
     A          R F47011                    TEXT('Purchase Order Header')
     A            SYEDTY     00001A         TEXT('Record Type')
     A            SYEDSQ     00002P00       TEXT('Record Sequence')
     A            SYEKCO     00005A         TEXT('Document Key Company')
     A            SYEDOC     00009S00       TEXT('Document Number')
     A            SYEDCT     00002A         TEXT('Document Type')
     A            SYEDLN     00007P03       TEXT('Line Number')
     A            SYEDST     00006A         TEXT('Transaction Set')
     A            SYEDFT     00010A         TEXT('Translation Format .')
     A            SYEDDT     00008S00       TEXT('EDI - Transmission Date')
     A            SYEDER     00001A         TEXT('Send/Receive Indicator')
     A            SYEDDL     00005P00       TEXT('Number of Detail Lines')
     A            SYEDSP     00001A         TEXT('Processed (Y/N)')
     A            SYEDBT     00015A         TEXT('Batch Number ')
     A            SYPNID     00015A         TEXT('Trading Partner ID .')
     A            SYTPUR     00002A         TEXT('Transaction Set Purpose')
     A            SYKCOO     00005A         TEXT('Order Company')
     A            SYDOCO     00008S00       TEXT('Order Number ')
     A            SYDCTO     00002A         TEXT('Order Type ')
     A            SYSFXO     00003A         TEXT('Order Suffix ')
     A            SYMCU      00012A         TEXT('Business Unit')
     A            SYCO       00005A         TEXT('Company. ')
     A            SYOORN     00008A         TEXT('Original Order Number.')
     A            SYOCTO     00002A         TEXT('Original Order Type.')
     A            SYRKCO     00005A         TEXT('Related Order Key Company. .+
     A            SYRORN     00008A         TEXT('Related PO/SO/WO Number')
     A            SYRCTO     00002A         TEXT('Related PO/SO/WO Order Type.+
     A            SYAN8      00008S00       TEXT('Address Number ')
     A            SYSHAN     00008S00       TEXT('Ship To. ')
     A            SYPA8      00008S00       TEXT('Parent Number')
     A            SYDRQJ     00008S00       TEXT('Requested Date')
     A            SYTRDJ     00008S00       TEXT('Order Date ')
     A            SYPDDJ     00008S00       TEXT('Promised Delivery Date')
     A            SYOPDJ     00008S00       TEXT('Original Promised Date')
     A            SYADDJ     00008S00       TEXT('Actual Ship Date')
     A            SYCNDJ     00008S00       TEXT('Cancel Date Date')
     A            SYPPDJ     00008S00       TEXT('Ship . . ')
     A            SYPSDJ     00008S00       TEXT('Future Use 2 ')
     A            SYVR01     00025A         TEXT('Purchase Order Number')
     A            SYVR02     00025A         TEXT('Reference 2')
     A            SYDEL1     00030A         TEXT('Delivery Instructions.')
     A            SYDEL2     00030A         TEXT('Delivery Instructions.')
     A            SYINMG     00010A         TEXT('Print Message')
     A            SYPTC      00003A         TEXT('Payment Terms')
     A            SYTXCT     00020A         TEXT('Certificate')
     A            SYATXT     00001A         TEXT('Associated Text')
     A            SYPRIO     00001A         TEXT('Priority Processing Code')
     A            SYBACK     00001A         TEXT('Backorders Allowed (Y/N)')
     A            SYSBAL     00001A         TEXT('Substitutes Allowed (Y/N). .+
     A            SYNTR      00002A         TEXT('Nature of Transaction.')
     A            SYANBY     00008S00       TEXT('Buyer Number ')
     A            SYCARS     00008A         TEXT('Carrier Code -SCAC ')
     A            SYROUT     00003A         TEXT('Route Code ')
     A            SYSTOP     00003A         TEXT('Stop Code')
     A            SYZON      00003A         TEXT('Zone Number')
     A            SYCNID     00020A         TEXT('Container I.D')
     A            SYFRTH     00003A         TEXT('Freight Handling Code.')
     A            SYAFT      00001A         TEXT('Apply Freight (Y/N).')
     A            SYRCD      00003A         TEXT('Reason Code')
     A            SYOTOT     00015P02       TEXT('Order Gross Amount .')
     A            SYTOTC     00015P02       TEXT('Total Cost ')
     A            SYWUMD     00002A         TEXT('Weight Display U/M .')
     A            SYVUMD     00002A         TEXT('Volume Display U/M .')
     A            SYCRMD     00001A         TEXT('Send Method')
     A            SYCRRM     00001A         TEXT('Mode (F) ')
     A            SYCRCD     00003A         TEXT('Currency Code')
     A            SYCRR      00015P00       TEXT('Exchange Rate')
		 A            SYSC01A    00001A         TEXT('SAC01 - Group A')
		 A            SYSC02A    00005A         TEXT('SAC02 - Group A')
		 A            SYSC05A    00006S         TEXT('SAC05 - Group A')
		 A            SYSC12A    00002A         TEXT('SAC12 - Group A')
		 A            SYSC15A    00045A         TEXT('SAC15 - Group A')
		 A            SYSC01B    00001A         TEXT('SAC01 - Group B')
		 A            SYSC02B    00005A         TEXT('SAC02 - Group B')
		 A            SYSC05B    00006S         TEXT('SAC05 - Group B')
		 A            SYSC12B    00002A         TEXT('SAC12 - Group B')
		 A            SYSC15B    00045A         TEXT('SAC15 - Group B')
		 A            SYSC01C    00001A         TEXT('SAC01 - Group C')
		 A            SYSC02C    00005A         TEXT('SAC02 - Group C')
		 A            SYSC05C    00006S         TEXT('SAC05 - Group C')
		 A            SYSC12C    00002A         TEXT('SAC12 - Group C')
		 A            SYSC15C    00045A         TEXT('SAC15 - Group C')
     A            SYURCD     00002A         TEXT('User Reserved Code .')
     A            SYURDT     00006S00       TEXT('User Reserved Date .')
     A            SYURAT     00015P02       TEXT('User Reserved Amount')
     A            SYURAB     00008S00       TEXT('User Reserved Number')
     A            SYURRF     00015A         TEXT('User Reserved Reference ')
     A            SYTORG     00010A         TEXT('Transaction Originator')
     A            SYUSER     00010A         TEXT('User ID. ')
     A            SYPID      00010A         TEXT('Program ID ')
     A            SYJOBN     00010A         TEXT('Work Station ID')
     A            SYUPMJ     00008S00       TEXT('Date Updated ')
     A            SYTDAY     00006P00       TEXT('Time of Day')
     A            SYREF01    00080A         TEXT('ALPHA REFERENCE 1')
     A            SYREF02    00080A         TEXT('ALPHA REFERENCE 2')
     A            SYREF03    00080A         TEXT('ALPHA REFERENCE 3')
     A            SYREF04    00015S         TEXT('ZONE REFERENCE 1')
     A            SYREF05    00015S         TEXT('ZONE REFERENCE 2')
     A            SYREF06    00015S         TEXT('ZONE REFERENCE 3')


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