Use EXENOTE in Formula to Send Email from EXTOL Map

Formula: Use EXENOTE in Formula to Send email from EXTOL map

In the example below we will use an EXTOL formula, in a map, to use the Command EXENOTE.

EXENOTE TOADR(&A) FROMADR([email protected])
MESSAGE('Order received from: &B Connection Log #: &F PO#: &C
Address Book #: &D # of Detail Lines: &E')


@ - FS (Random field to attach formula to)
A - C0 - Constant (Alpha: length of map constant)
B - TP (Alpha 6)
C - D0 (BEG03 -- PO Number)
D - WWAN8 (Field from EFL file - F0111 / Zoned Length:8)
E - D0 - (Element with PO Line count / Zoned 6)
F - S1 (Session Log number / Zoned 7)

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