Pre-Purge program with EXTOL Command: DLTAPP

EXTOL RPGLE - Pre-Purge program with EXTOL Command: DLTAPP

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     h Debug(*Yes) Datedit(*Ymd)
     H/Title Delete application data logs if gen error exists.
      * SYNOPSIS :
      *  Run CMD: DLTDTA if EXLLAPP record is read and LAAPLN = 'H'
      * Maintenance   :
      *   BMR    Date    Description
      *   ---- ---------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
     fEXLLAPP   if   e           k Disk
     d Command         s            100    Dim(1) Ctdata Perrcd(1)              Commands
     d @@Cmd           s           3000
 ..  d @@Cmdlength     s             15  5 Inz(3000)
 ..  d  @AAPLN         s              9
      * Parameters for 'QCMDEXC'
     c     Qcmd          Plist
     c                   Parm                    @@Cmd
     c                   Parm      3000          @@Cmdlength
      * Read EXTOL App Data file
     c                   Read      EXLLaPP                                Lr
     c                   Dow       Not *Inlr
      * Check field LAFSTA. If this LAFSTA = 'H' then Gen error
      * Entries with an 'H' status will not be purged until they are manually removed
      * or the command DLTAPP is executed
     c                   If        LAFSTA = 'H'
     c                   Clear                   @AAPLN
     c                   MOVEL     LAAPLN        @AAPLN
     c                   Clear                   @@Cmd
     c                   Eval      @@Cmd = Command(1)
      * Move aaplication data number to DLTAPP Command
     c                   Eval      %Subst(@@Cmd:18:9) = @AAPLN
      * Execute the DLTAPP
     c                   Call      'QCMDEXC'     QCmd                   96
     C                   ENDIF
     c                   Read      EXLLAPP                                Lr
     C                   ENDDO
     c                   Eval      *Inlr = *On
     c                   Return
** Command Override DBF Array

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