EXTOL/JDEdwards E1 - EDI Outbound 810 Starter Package

Version 1

In the basic adapter package below, we set-up the EXTOL customer to be able to create outbound 810s (invoices) from JD Edward files F47046/F470461/F47047/F4706/F4714.
Note: Some items might need to be updated to reflect trading partner specific settings.

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EBI APP/EDI Endpoints

  • EDI.Generic.JDE.E1.Outbound.810
  • APP_Generic.JDE.E1.Outbound.810

EBI EDI Message Schema

  • X12004010-810_Invoice Version: X12004010

EBI Source Schema

  • JDE.E1.Outbound.810-F47046/F47047 Version: 1.0
    • F47046 Keys: EDOC, EKCO, EDCT
    • F470461 Keys: EDOC, EKCO, EDCT, DOC
    • F4706 Keys: EDOC, EKCO, EDCT
    • F47047 Keys: EDOC, EKCO, EDCT, EDLN

EBI Interfaces

  • EBI Database Binding
    • JDE.E1.810.F47046/F47047 ver CRPDTA
  • Database Adapters
    • select using JDE.E1.810.F47046/F47047
    • update using JDE.E1.810.F47046/F47047
  • File Adapter
    • Generic.JDE.E1.Outbound.EDI.810.x12.Write

EBI Transformations

  • EBI Ruleset
    • Generic.JDE.E1.810.Outbound version: x12004010
    • Generic.JDE.E1.Outbound810.AARS version 1.0
    • EBI Actions
      • PY:F0101 -- ALPH,AN81 lookup
      • PY:F0111 -- REM1,AN8,NICK,MLNM
      • PY:F0116 - ALL FIELDS
      • PY:F47047 - SOQS SUM-use:EDOC/ITM/EDCT
      • PY:F4074 - APRP1,UPRC
      • PY:F0005 - DL01 lookup-use:SY/RT/KY
    • Transformation Setting
      • Default Transformation Settings version 2.1

    EBI Business Process Script

    • Generic.JDE.E1.Launcher.Outbound.Invoices.810 Version: 1.0

    EBI Outbound Collaboration Profile

    • Generic.JDE.E1.Outbound.810

    Outbound Collaboration Processor

    • Generic.JDE.E1.Outbound.EDI.810 Version: 1.0

    Control Number Generators

    • Generic_JDE_E1_ICN
    • Generic_JDE_E1_GCN_810

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