The SHCG Difference :: Part 2

The SHCG Difference :: Part 2

28th January 2017

Sean Hoppe Consulting Group Difference.

Let us show you how to save money and learn at the same time!

We have been exclusively working with EXTOL/Cleo customers since 2006 and growing rapidly.

In a PREVIOUS POST, we showed 2 good reasons we provide great customer service and have been successful since 2016.

Below are 2 more reasons we have been successful:

Exclusively Supporting Cleo/EXTOL: In today’s world it is hard to be an expert in everything. Where some firms tout experience with EVERYTHING; we broadcast our exclusive Cleo/EXTOL experience and the inter-workings of their solutions.

We Dominate our Space: We show current and future customers how to empower themselves with Cleo/EXTOL products for FREE; not many companies can make this claim. We have been giving away free tips, advice, error resolutions and free consultations since 2006. We don’t get paid for our FREE  instructions, tips and articles; we enjoy assisting fellow users.

To see more reasons, CLICK HERE

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