How to Write Multiple Records On a Single Segment

How to Write Multiple Records On a Single Segment


There are times in EXTOL EDI Integrator (EEI) that we need to perform multiple writes to table/file, for a single segment. Take the MSG segment and how data is sent in the MSG02 element. The MSG02 segment is 248 characters in length but our field: ENNTE is ONLY 60 characters in length.

EXTOL Integrator multiple writes elements

In the example below we are capturing

  • The first 60 characters in the first MSG02 instance - position 1 thru 60
  • The 2nd set of 60 characters in the 2nd MSG02 instance - position 61 thru 120
  • The 3rd set of 60 characters in the 3rd MSG02 instance - position 121 thru 180
  • The 4th set of 60 characters in the 4th MSG02 instance - position 181 thru 240

EXTOL Integrator multiple writes substring elements

Update Format/Record:

Once the elements are updated, place an 'F' on the MSG segment..
EXTOL Integrator multiple writes Update Segment

Update the MOVE ACTION to "B"

EXTOL Integrator multiple writes segment format


Each time the field ENNTE is referenced a new VEDXPON is created.

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