Develop EXTOL RPG External Call Program

Writing/Developing your first EXTOL EDI Integrator RPG External Call Program

EXTOL EDI Integrator supplies various external calls. CLICK HERE to see examples of these programs. If these programs are not sufficient for your needs then we need to start thinking about developing a new EXTOL External Call.

Mapping Set-up

In our example, we will use the program:
EXTSYS/QRPGSRC/EXQLOVR -- Return qualifier value as output if input is blank.

Parameters - Short Parameter List
  • P3CDST - Standard (Output)
  • P5CDLC - Local (Input)
  • P4CDQD – Qualifier
  • P0RTN - Return Code (Output)
  • P1CDTT – Direction Code

RPG Program is called from EXTOL Mapping Element

EXTOL EDI Integrator (EEI) EXQLOVR RPG exmaple BIG04 element

In the example above, we are mapping field SYDCTO to BIG04. If SYDCTO is null, we map the constant of ‘DI’ to BIG04

RPG Program is called

PGM: EXQLOVR is called and we determine the direction (P1CDTT) is ‘O’
Once we determine P5CDLC is null we then move P4CDQD to P3CDST

43.00       * CASE: PAR.Code trans directions is Outward translation
44.00      C           P1CDTT    IFEQ 'O'                           
45.00       * Use Local if non-blank; else use qualifier:           
46.00      C           P5CDLC    IFNE *BLANKS                       
47.00      C                     MOVELP5CDLC    P3CDST              
48.00      C                     ELSE                               
49.00      C                     MOVELP4CDQD    P3CDST              
50.00      C                     END                                
51.00       *                                                       
52.00      C                     END                                

After we move the qualifier into P3CDST, we move blanks into P0RTN

56.00       * A "Return code" of non-blank will be logged as a 
57.00      C                     MOVEL*BLANK    P0RTN 
58.00       * Exit program                                                          
59.00      C                     RETRN                                      

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