RMVCTLCHR -- Remove Control Character

RMVCTLCHR -- Remove Control Character

The actual command inspects and removes unwanted carriage returns, line feeds or a combination of both from a data stream file.

Below is an example of RMVCTLCHR (Remove Control Character):

RMVCTLCHR STMF('/extol/TP/upload/[email protected]') WRKDIR('/extol/TP') CTL_0D0A(*YES)

I customarily run this command right after CPYTOSTMF. Note: The directory in WRKDIR parameter should be different than the directory referenced in the STMF directory.

Below is how I combine the usage of CPYTOSTMF and RMVCTLCHR.


RMVCTLCHR STMF('/extol/lansing/upload/[email protected]') WRKDIR('/extol/lansing') CTL_0D0A(*YES)

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