EXLLMRL1 :: Log of Message File

EXLLMRL1 :: Log of Message File

Background of EXLLMRL1

PF: EXLLMRL1 is known as the Log of Message File. This file offers users the ability to find specific message level data for the inbound/outbound EDI documents.

Users can query the following fields to access these records. These fields are also known as M5, M6 and M7

  • LMREF1 - Reference # 1
  • LMREF2 - Reference # 2
  • LMREF3 - Reference # 3

Below are examples on how to set-up your EXTOL EDI Integrator map to capture data into reference fields:

Information that can be retrieved:

  • LMASTG - Ack status - group
  • LMCNLN - Connection log number
  • LMINCR - Interchange control ref

Fields of EXLLMRL1

Message log number        K01   LMMSLN
Connection log number           LMCNLN
Date/time start of call         LMDTM1
Function status - receive       LMFSCR
Script code                     LMSCRC
Function status - send          LMFSCS
Network Id                      LMNWID
In process status - send        LMISCS
In process status - rcv         LMISCR
Interchange log number          LMINLN
Trading partner code            LMTPCD
Interchange control ref         LMINCR
Interchange date                LMINDT
Interchange time                LMINTM
Test indicator                  LMTSTI
Interchange data location       LMINDL
Trading partner name            LMTRNM
Function status - int           LMFSTI
Ack status - interchange        LMASTI
Number of included groups       LMGPCT
Connection data location        LMCNDL
In process status - int         LMISTI
Interchange direction           LMINDI
Sender Id qualifier             LMSNIQ
Sender Id                       LMSNID
Receiver Id qualifier           LMRCIQ
Receiver Id                     LMRCID
Routing address                 LMRCRA
Group log number                LMGPLN
Group control reference         LMGPCR
Messages sent in group          LMNMST
Group date                      LMGPDT
Group time                      LMGPTM
Application sndr Id qual        LMASIQ
Application sender Id           LMASID
Application rcvr Id qual        LMARIQ
Application receiver Id         LMARID
Application password            LMAPPW
Function status - group         LMFSTG
Ack status - group              LMASTG
In process status - group       LMISTG
Controlling agncy log grp       LMCTAG
Standard class log of grp       LMSCLG
Industry group log of grp       LMIGLG
V-r Log of group                LMVRLG
Industry group Id log grp       LMIGIG
Group direction                 LMGPDI
Group code                      LMGPCD
Application data log #          LMAPLN
Application data location       LMAPDL
Date/time created               LMDTCR
Function status - ap data       LMFSTA
Application data text           LMAPDT
In process status - appl        LMISTA
Msg queue - application         LMMSQA
Application file set            LMGFSN
Trading partner code            LMTPC1
Group code                      LMGPC1
Message Id                      LMMSID
Message class                   LMMSCL
Message Id          Ref 1       LMMSI1
Message class                   LMMSC1
Message class description       LMCLDS
Message class status            LMMCST
Message direction               LMMSDI
Function status - message       LMFSTM
In process status - msg         LMISTM
Ack status - message            LMASTM
Reference # 1                   LMREF1
Reference # 2                   LMREF2
Reference # 3                   LMREF3
Reference date 1                LMRFD1
Reference date 2                LMRFD2
Message control reference       LMMSCR
Controlling agncy log msg       LMCTAM
Standard class log of msg       LMSCLM
Industry group log of msg       LMIGLM
V-r Log of message              LMVRLM
Version description             LMVRDS
Industry group Id log msg       LMIGIM
Common access reference         LMCARF
Transfer status                 LMSTTF
Transfer sequence               LMSQTF
Start wrapped record            LMWRRS
Start wrap char position        LMWRCS
Application file name           LMGFIL
Record format name              LMRCFM
Relative record number          LMRRNM
Start nonwrapped record         LMNWRS
End nonwrapped record           LMNWRE
Start nonwrap record(app)       LMNWAS
End nonwrap record (app)        LMNWAE
Sequence# of assoc. ack.        LMAREF
Translation job control         LMTJOB
Translation job level           LMJLVL
Translation job status          LMTJST
Translation job name            LMTRJB
Translation job user name       LMTRJU
Translation job number          LMTRJN
Msg queue - translation         LMMSQT

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