Query TP Message Information in EXTTGRL1

Query TP Message Information in EXTTGRL1

If a user is looking at a single TP that is easily done via EXTOL's Trading Partner Message Class screen. However, if multiple trading partners need to be scanned/reviewed at a single time it can sometimes be tedious. To query all the values at once review table: EXTTGRL1 in LIB: EXTSYSF.

Below are the fields users can query in EXTTGRL1

Formatted file with field names

Seq# Select Only Line Page Dup Case Null Name Type Length

10 X Trading partner code K01 TGTPCD A 6

20 X Trading partner name TGTRNM A 35

30 X Trading partner address TGTRAD A 30

40 X Trading partner city TGTRCY A 30

50 X Trd pnr state/province TGTRST A 6

60 X Trading partner post code TGTRPC A 9

70 X Trading partner voice no. TGTRPN A 25

80 X Interchange ctl last rcvd TGICLR A 14

90 X Interchange ctl last sent TGICLS A 14

100 X Ack level to generate Tp TGAKGT A 1

110 X Ack level to receive Tp TGAKRT A 1

120 X Ack error report lvl Tp TGAKET A 1

130 X Ctl ref fmt gen - intchg TGCRGI A 1

140 X Ctl ref fmt test - intchg TGCRTI A 1

150 X Ack err resp map int Tp TGAEIT A 30

160 X Ack err resp map grp Tp TGAEGT A 20

170 X Ack err resp map msg Tp TGAEMT A 20

180 X Ack err resp map seg Tp TGAEST A 20

190 X Ack err resp map elm Tp TGAEET A 20

200 X Element delimiter Tp TGELDT A 1

210 X Sub-element delimiter Tp TGSEDT A 1

220 X Decimal notation Tp TGDCTT A 1

230 X Release indicator char Tp TGRLIT A 1

240 X Reserved space in Una Tp TGRSST A 1

250 X Segment delimiter Tp TGSGDT A 1

260 X Interchange syntax Id Tp TGISIT A 4

270 X Interchange version Id Tp TGIVIT A 5

280 X Sender Id qualifier Tp TGSNQT A 4

290 X Sender Id Tp TGSNIT A 35

300 X Address for reverse rtgtp TGSNRT A 14

310 X Receiver Id qualifier Tp TGRCQT A 4

320 X Receiver Id Tp TGRCIT A 35

330 X Routing address Tp TGRCRT A 14

340 X Authorization qualifiertp TGAUQT A 2

350 X Authorization info Tp TGAUTT A 10

360 X Security qualifier Tp TGSEQT A 2

370 X Security information Tp TGSECT A 10

380 X Application reference Tp TGAPRT A 14

390 X Priority code Tp TGNPRT A 1

400 X Interchange ack requesttp TGAKTT A 1

410 X Comm agreement Tp TGCAIT A 35

420 X Test indicator Tp TGTSTT A 1

430 X Application sndr Id qlftp TGASQT A 4

440 X Application sender Id Tp TGASIT A 35

450 X Application rcvr Id qlftp TGARQT A 4

460 X Application receiver Idtp TGARIT A 35

470 X Controlling agency codetp TGCTCT A 2

480 X Standard class code Tp TGSCCT A 1

490 X Industry group code Tp TGIGCT A 1

500 X V-r Trading partner TGVRTP A 6

510 X Industry group Id Tp TGIGIT A 6

520 X Application password Tp TGAPPT A 14

530 X Call window code Tp TGCDWT A 6

540 X Window effective dt/tm Tp TGWETT P 11

550 X Network Id default Tp TGNWIT A 15

560 X Network account cd dft Tp TGNATT A 6

570 X Network port code dft Tp TGPONT A 6

580 X Control ref mthd gen int TGCMGI A 1

590 X Control ref mthd test int TGCMTI A 1

600 X Network name TGNWNM A 30

610 X Network account desc TGNACD A 25

620 X Network account number TGNACN A 25

630 X Network account password TGNAPW A 25

640 X Network port description TGPORD A 25

650 X Telephone number TGPNNO A 14

660 X Connection nbr (dial cmd) TGCNBR A 25

670 X Line description TGLIND A 10

680 X Controller description TGCTLD A 10

690 X Device description TGDEVD A 10

700 X Group code K02 TGGPCD A 6

710 X Direction code TGDRCD A 1

720 X Group control last sent TGGPLS A 14

730 X Group control last rcvd TGGPLR A 14

740 X Ctl ref fmt gen - group TGCRGG A 1

750 X Ctl ref fmt test - group TGCRTG A 1

760 X Control ref mthd gen grp TGCMGG A 1

770 X Control ref mthd test grp TGCMTG A 1

780 X Last change date/time TGLCDT S 8

790 X Last change job name TGLCJB A 10

800 X Last change job user name TGLCJU A 10

810 X Last change job number TGLCJN A 6

820 X Last change by program TGLCPG A 10

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