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Capture Outbound EDI Data Before Sent

31st July 2015

In EXTOL EDI Integrator we are able to capture the outbound x12/EDIFACT

We would want to capture outbound EDI data in cases where we want to examine the transaction(s) before it was sent to the trading partner.


We just went live with Amazon.com and we want to make sure the outbound 810s and 856s are correct.

In this scenario we will update the trading partner’s detail screen 2.

EXTOL EDI Integrator Trading Partners Screen 2

Update Connection


After reviewing the outbound data, we will go into the Mailroom and choose option #12, Start outbound Connection.

In Start outbound Connection choose option [F11] and locate the Connection Log Number. Once located place “2″ on the connection.

EXTOL Work with Connections Details *FILE network


When we are ready to send the data to Amazon, we will update the following:

• Network ID
• Call Control Script
• Network Port Code

EXTOL Work with Connections Details Amazon.com network

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