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How-to Perform an EMERGENCY Purge with DLTDTA

7th November 2019

CLEO EDI Integrator DLTDTA command with REORG parameter as NO

There are times users realize that they are coming close to 32,000 members in Cleo’s (EXTOL) tables EXDINPP and EXDDWPP3

Note: This can be done with CMD: DSPMBRCNT

In our previous post we discussion we discussed how to use the CMD DLTDTA.

In today’s post we will use CMD: DLTDTA but we will NOT perform Reorganize log files. This will allow end-users to execute DLTDTA during the workday and NOT interrupt production process flow.

In order to perform the emergency purge we will look to the REORG parameter. When we choose REORG(*NO), Cleo EDI Integrator will not place a database lock, on the respective DB2 tables, during a purge.

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