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EXTOL EDI Integrator (EEI) - Types of Formulas

11th January 2014

EXTOL EDI Integrator allows users to create different types of formulas

  • Arithmetic equation - Users can perform concatenation, arithmetic, substringing and etc
  • Executable command - Users are able to call iSeries commands with parameters
  • Logical condition - Users are able to structure a formula to test values and return a binary value (0/1)

Below are examples of each of the 3 types of formulas

Arithmetic/Value - Utilized when we need to perform if/then/else logic, arithmetic, concatenation and etc. Formula can also be used to force a transformation error.

EXTOL EDI Integrator Formula Arithmetic

Logical Condition  - Ideal when trying to determine if we need to return a binary value: 1/0 or True/False. Normally applied to a segment or format.


Executable - Users can call executable programs, located in the library list, with parameters.

EXTOL EDI Integrator Formula Executable

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