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EXTOL Secure AS2 Email Notifications

30th June 2014

In the EXTOL Secure there is a section for Notification E-mail Recipients . This screen is where users have the ability to determine what type of error/exception notifications are sent and to whom.


Below is a breakdown of the type of notifications:


  • A HTTP port used by ESX is opened.
  • A HTTP port used by ESX port is unavailable.
  • A HTTP port used by ESX port failure occurs.

Server - The ESX Server is started/shutdown.

  • Warnings/failures occurring within the ESX Server such as:
  • Notifying you to set the email server host so notifications can be delivered via email.
  • Notifying you the crypto-strength of the policy jars on the ESX Server not being unlimited.
  • Notifying you of errors such as an error while attempting to check Log Configuration file for modifications.
  • Notifying you an ssl key not being found during https communication or a certificate not being found.

Request Processing

  • When an HTTP processing request fails.


  • A Session failure occurs such as an HTTP error.


  • A transaction warning/failure occurs for partnerships. This usually occurs due to partnership mis-configurations such as not having enough message security, an invalid AS2 ID, certificate error, etc.


  • A certificate is expiring or expired.

EEI Integration

  • An EEI Adapter is started/stopped (both success and failure).
  • Connection status warnings/failures.
  • Adapter partnership warnings/failures.
  • Inbound/Outbound warnings/failures.
  • General Adapter Failures

Filesystem Integration

  • A Filesystem adapter encounters a failure/warning.

EBI Integration

  • An EBI Adapter is started/stopped (both success and failure).
  • An Inbound/Outbound Acknowledgement warning/failure occurs.
  • Any adapter partnership warning/failure occurs.
  • Any general adapter failure occurs.

Application Process

  • When any of the (a) Session, (b) Notification, © Ports, (d) EBI Adapter, (e) EEI Adapter log purges start/fail/succeed.
  • When the Synchronization process is successful, warning or fails.

Source: ESX_UserReference.pdf

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