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EXTOL / JDEdwards Custom Training

17th November 2013

There are many idiosyncrasies and unique set-ups that are accompanied with EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI) and EXTOL EDI Integrator for iSeries (EEI) engagements.

From the time EXTOL is installed there are special considerations for interfacing with Oracle 10g/11g tables. During the implemenation process users will be focused on schemas, rulesets, and etc. however there needs to be special attention to EXTOL/Oracle optimization. This can be a gray area because it is EXTOL related and it is Oracle related.  Meaning the implementer needs to wear multiple hats.

We review many of the non-documented set-up related issues, minimum technical requirements, and daily JDE issues we see in EXTOL with EXTOL/JDEdwards Training

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