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EXTOL/JDE - Inbound EDI 860 - F47012 - Fields to Use

6th December 2013

The inbound EDI 860 (PO Change) can be translated into the JD Edwards F47011/F47012 (Purchase Order) tables. When we translate the data into F47011/F47012 tables we automatically update F47011.EDSP to ‘Y’ (processed).

By doing this we capture the inbound data but not automatically process it (Edit/Update). This is a popular method due to many companies not wanting to automatically an existing JDE order.

In addition to translating the inbound 860 data, some users set-up an email alert to notify of receiving a purchase order change.

In our previous post we discussed capturing the 860 header information into the F47011 table

Mandatory Fields:

  • EDI Document Number (EDOC).
  • EDI Document Type (EDCT)
  • EDI Order Type (DCTO)
  • EDI Document Key Company (EKCO)
  • EDI Transaction Set (EDST)
  • Send/Receive Flag = R (EDER)
  • Transaction Set Purpose (TPUR).
  • Bill-to Address Number (AN8)
  • Ship to Address (SHAN)
  • Short Item Number (ITM)
  • Order/Transaction Quantity (UORG)

Additional Fields:

  • Batch Number (EDBT)
  • Edi - Transmission Date (EDDT)
  • Trading Partner ID (PNID)
  • Purchase Order Number (VR01)
  • Item Description (DSC1)
  • Unit of Measure (UOM)
  • Line Type (LNTY)
  • Carrier Code (CARS)
  • User Id (USER)
  • Program Id (PID)
  • Work Station Id (JOBN)
  • Date Updated (UPMJ)
  • Time of Day (TDAY)

Reference Fields

  • User Reserved Code (URCD)
  • User Reserved Date (URDT)
  • User Reserved Amount (URAT)
  • User Reserved Number (URAB)
  • User Reserved Reference (URRF)

F47011 Notes Specific for EXTOL mapping: Contact for more details

Mandatory Fields: Fields JDEdwards has identified as fields that should be populated to process inbound order

Additional Fields: Fields that should be populated to assist the order in processing. Ie, VR01 (PO Number) and PNID (EDI Trading Partner)

Reference Fields: Fields in JDEdwards table that can be used to store data. These fields follow the order from F47011/F47012, to F4201/F4211 and to the extract of the data. Ie. Invoice and ASN.

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