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EXTOL/JDE - Inbound EDI 856 Detail - F47032 - Fields to Use

18th December 2013

The inbound EDI 856 (Advanced Ship Notice) can be translated into the JD Edwards F47031/F47032 (ASN) tables. We also use F4706 (address override table), F4714 (Header Notes), and F4715 (Detail Notes).

Once F47031 and F47032 are populated users are to run the EDI Shipping Notice Edit/Create program (R47031) to update the status of a purchase order.

Previous review of Inbound EDI 856 Header - F47031 Fields

Mandatory Fields:

  • EDI Document Number (EDOC)
  • EDI Document Type (EDCT)
  • EDI Order Type (DCTO)
  • EDI Document Key Company (EKCO)
  • Send/Receive Flag = R (EDER)
  • Order Company (Order Number) (KCOO)
  • Document (Order No, Invoices, etc.) (DOCO)
  • Address Number (AN8)
  • EDI - Line Number (EDLN)
  • Address Number - Ship To (SHAN)
  • Hierarchical Level (HLVL)
  • Hierarchical Level Code (HL03)

Additional Fields:

  • EDI Transaction Set (EDST)
  • Type Record (EDTY)
  • Business Unit (MCU)
  • Transaction Originator (TORG)
  • Date - Actual Ship Date (ADDJ)
  • Line Number (LNID)
  • Short Item Number (ITM)
  • 2nd Item Number (LITM)
  • Units – Order/Transaction Quantity (UORG)
  • Unit of Measure (UOM)
  • Trading Partner ID (PNID)
  • Ship Date (PPDJ)
  • Shipment ID (SPID)
  • Extended Price (AEXP)
  • Carrier Number (ANCR)
  • Item Number - Customer/Supplier (CITM)
  • EDI Transmission Date (EDDT)
  • Order Suffix (SFXO)
  • Gross Weight (GRWT)
  • Gross Weight Unit of Measure (GWUM)
  • User Id (USER)
  • Program Id (PID)
  • Work Station Id (JOBN)
  • Date Updated (UPMJ)
  • Time of Day (TDAY)

Reference Fields

  • User Reserved Code (URCD)
  • User Reserved Date (URDT)
  • User Reserved Amount (URAT)
  • User Reserved Number (URAB)
  • User Reserved Reference (URRF)

F47032 Notes Specific for EXTOL mapping: Contact for more details

Mandatory Fields: Fields JDEdwards has identified as fields that should be populated to process inbound ASN

Additional Fields: Fields that should be populated to assist the ASN in processing. Ie, VR01 (PO Number) and PNID (EDI Trading Partner)

Reference Fields: Fields in JDEdwards table that can be used to store additional data.

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