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JDE/EXTOL Business Integrator - Summerizing detail lines

27th February 2014

EXTOL/JDE users that are looking to send outbound 855 and 810s with consolidated lines will have issues if JDE remits multiple detail lines of the same item. This is a common occurrence in the food industry when there are lots involved.


Bug 12477797: R42565 DOESNT SUMMARIZE FOR EDI - SAR: 4787218 in December 2000 and was closed at status 84 -not feasible to fix and enhancement Bug 10963108 : ITEM SUMMARIZATION WITH EDI IN - SAR: 8523391 and enhancement bug: 10761599: ITEM SUMMARIZE IN OUTBOUND 810 - SAR: 5478329

When Item Summarize Processing Option is activated, the items are summarized in the Invoice paper copy only. The EDI Invoice Detail (Sales) - Outbound table (F47047) is designed to reflect a mirror image of Sales Order Detail (F4211) so it can be compared and audited against the F4211 records later

JDE Suggested Workaround:

If the customer is using a translator, the issue can be fixed within the Translator to extract the information and map the same line number if the line numbers are the same. Or modify the system (JDE) to update the F47047 tables per the summary of the item. Either way at this time Oracle does not have the functionality requested at this time.

EXTOL/JDE Workaround

Step ONE:

Outbound 810 Ruleset - IN the ruleset below:

  • On line 124 we divide F47047.LNID by 1000 to get the Remainder. We place the resultant into varSZLNID-Remainder_int
  • We found that if there are multiple lines of a single item then the first line will be a whole number while the other detail lines will contain a decimal.
  • For more information on EXTOL Remainder rule


Outbound EXTOL/JDE 810 Ruleset Full Image


Rule #125 below:

  • With the result on line 124, we use a composite rule on line 125, to determine if there is a remainder. If there is NOT a remainder then we go into Composite Rule 125 to create the IT1 group/segment.


Outbound EXTOL/JDE 810 Check Remainder Full Image




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