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Diagnosing VLTrader Errors

25th February 2017

1. Accessing VL Trader

Once users gain access to the VL Trader system, click on the VL Trader icon on the desktop.

Cleo VLTrader Icon

This opens up the VL Trader application. Inside the application is where we can see all the information that is being passed.  

2. Local Listener

On the left side of the application will be a list of the active trading partners, as well as the Local Listener .

Cleo VLTrader AS2 Local Listener

The local listener is the program that finds and picks up all the trader messages and information that gets sent.  

In this instance we are monitoring AS2 information, so that is what the local listener is monitoring.  

The log in VL Trader is where you can see all the AS2 information being passed.  Here is where we can see if the information is passed successfully or if there are any errors.

Some errors may include:

Cleo VLTrader Error - Unable to Connect to Cleo Website

This error occurred because connection between VL Trader and the Cleo Dashboard failed. The connection failed because Cleo Dashboard was down at the time of the information passing.

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