Review of EXTOL Chronicles - Purging in EEI

Review of EXTOL Chronicles - Purging in EEI

15th June 2014

In the post below, Phylis asked Barry about purging data in EXTOL EDI Integrator.

The EXTOL Command DLTDTA is the command to use to perform the purge. When users run DLTDTA the EXTOL subsystem should be stopped and the EXTOL JOBQ should be held.

If the command needs to be run during the day then the ‘Reorganization Log Files’ should be *NO. This will prevent file and member locks.

EXTOL Chronicles - Purging in EXTOL EDI Integrator

There are a few other EXTOL purging commands users should look into also:

  • DLTAPPNOM - Delete Application Non-Wrapped Members
  • DLTAPP - Delete Outbound Generated Errors

For more information on EXTOL EDI Integrator Commands.

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