Using IBM's Edit Word in EXTOL

Use Edit Word to modify pricing in outbound invoice


EXTOL EDI Integrator gives users the ability to use IBM's Edit Word. This functionality is helpful when we need to return a zero dollar detail line. The IT104 is a 'R' type; meaning it requires a decimal. If we move a '0' (zero) to the IT104 then no value will be sent in the element.


In the set-up below in the details 2 screen of the outbound element we use the following set-up:
Field length/decimals: 17/4

  • Zero/Blank suppression: L
  • Edit Max Digits: 15
  • Edit DecPos: 4
  • Edit Word: ' 0 . '

Screenshot of Set-up

EXTOL EEI Edit Word 810 Example

Screenshot of Resulting Data

EXTOL EEI Edit Word 810 Example

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