EXTOL EDI Integrator Postings

Finding POs with Dashboard and Re-Process in EBI Auditor

TAGS:EXTOL dashboard / EXTOL Auditor /
16th April 2017

Create Copy of Production EBI Environment

TAGS:EXTOL install /
23rd October 2015

Perform Custom Purges via Scripting

TAGS:EXTOL Customization / EXTOL Purge /
17th October 2015

EXTOL Log of Warehouse Background

TAGS:Log of Warehouse /
28th July 2015

Call SQL Procedure from Business Process Script

TAGS:EXTOL SQL / EXTOL customization / EXTOL Business Process Script /
30th May 2015

XML Schemas - Qualified vs Unqualified

7th May 2015

Refresh Database Schema to Add/Delete/Update Fields

TAGS:EXTOL ruleset / EXTOL Schema /
9th April 2015

Customize 997s for AK2 and AK5 Segments

TAGS:Functional Acknowledgements / 997s /
19th March 2015

JAVA Scan & Replace Utility to Remove Control Characters

TAGS:EXTOL Business Process Script / EXTOL customization /
3rd March 2015

Adding Segments to an EDI Schema via Schema Editor

TAGS:EXTOL Schema / EXTOL customization /
26th February 2015

How to Upgrade to EBI 2.6 for Windows

TAGS:EXTOL install / EXTOL Upgrade /
12th February 2015

How-to Install Windows EBI 2.6

TAGS:EXTOL install /
8th February 2015

How-To Start Server in Suspend Mode

5th February 2015

Utilize EBI Port Config Editor

TAGS:EXTOL install / EXTOL customization /
24th January 2015

Complex AND/OR Data Binding Selection Example

TAGS:EXTOL Bindings / EXTOL JD Edwards /
8th January 2015

Triggering EBI via Outside Events

TAGS:EXTOL Business Integrator / EXTOL API / EXTOL Webservices /
1st November 2014

Manually Update FA Status of Outbound EDI Documents

TAGS:EXTOL Business Integrator / EXTOL Auditor /
7th October 2014

EBI Auditor - Setting up Log Filters and Group Filters

TAGS:EXTOL Business Integrator / EXTOL customization / EXTOL Auditor /
25th September 2014

Requesting an EBI 2.6 License for Release 3368

TAGS:extol ebi 2.6 / EXTOL install /
27th August 2014

Use Database Monitors to Trigger Events in EBI

TAGS:EXTOL Business Integrator / EXTOL Event / EXTOL Database /
13th August 2014

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