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DSPMBRCNT - When to purge EXTOL EDI Integrator

27th May 2012

For some EXTOL EEI customers, purging is a daily process. For others, purging might be once a quarter.

To determine if you are pushing ‘the limits’ with member counts, we need to review two physical files that can be the quickest to fill up: EXDINPP and EXDDWPP3.

  • EXDINPP - Unwrapped data files
  • EXDDWPP - Wrapped data files

The files exist in the EXTOL files library. If you have multiple EXTOL EDI environments, you want to check each environment.

The EXTOL EDI command to check the member counts is CMD:DSPMBRCNT.

If you are quickly approaching 32,000 members, it might be beneficial to run a purge.

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