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EXTOL EDI - Pre-processing 810 CL and RPGLESQL

30th May 2012

There are various ways to call EXTOL EDI Integrator to run CRTAPPDTA(B) – Create Outbound Application Data.

One such way is to query the outbound application data to determine if there is data available to process.

In our example we are going to use a CL that perform two steps:

  • Call RPGLESQL program to query the header of an outbound 810 (invoice) data file
  • If records exist, then return to CL and call EXTOL Program - CRTAPPDTAB
  • CRTAPPDTAB in our example will envelope, wrap and send

This CL can be placed into the job scheduler or added to an EXTOL task list, in the EXTOL Scheduler.  We will review the EXTOL Scheduler in a later post.

CLICK HERE to review the the CL and RPGLESQL program

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