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EXTOL EDI Integrator - Email Commands

2nd May 2014

EXTOL EDI Integrator offers multiple iSeries commands to send emails.

EXENOTE - Command is used for for outbound emails to a single recipient. Command has a parameter MESSAGE2. This parameter is not used.

EXEMAIL - Allows for outbound emails but has parameter to reference an email attachment

EMAILMSG - Used to send an e-mail with attached Unwrapped data by message log# report.

  • When we are prompted for the message log number: Message log# of unwrapped Data to be printed. The special value of @@MSGLOG#@@ is used when running this command from TPMC Exit points. When this value is specified the TPMC Exit Point process will substitute the actual Message log# which is available at that time. If this value is specified when running the command elsewhere, zeros are  substituted for the value at execution time.

EMAILEDR - Used to send an e-mail with attached Element Data Report.

EXSNDSPLF - Send spool file based on the parameters: Print file name, Job name, User name, Job number

EXENOTE examples:

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