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Sample Subtraction Formula in EXTOL EDI Integrator

27th June 2014

IN EXTOL EDI Integrator users have the ability to create formulas to perform various data logic and operations. Here are details on what specific functions EXTOL Formulas can be used for in EEI.

In the example below, we are going to create a simple subtraction formula named: SMPL_SUB. From the Mapping Menu we will take option #63 (Work with Formulas). Once here we will choose function [F9] to create a new formula.


Below is the new formula we created. Once we add the parameters we will fill in the Description.

  • a-b


Once the formula is created, we will navigate to the element mappings of an outbound 810 (invoice) map. Here is the TDS segment we need to subtract the discount amount from the invoice gross total. The resultant will be placed in TDS03 element.

To apply the



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