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Extol Secure 5.5 with SSL Mutual Authen.

20th May 2012

EXTOL Secure 5.5 was released with a cool new enhancement for SSL Mutual Authentication. Financial institutions is one such industry that requires this protocol. Another trading partner that I know of, 7-11 stores, requires SSL Mutual Authentication if you perform AS2 with them.

SSL Authentication in a nutshell:

  • A client requests access to a protected resource.
  • The server presents its certificate to the client.
  • The client verifies the server’s certificate.
  • If successful, the client sends its certificate to the server.
  • The server verifies the client’s credentials.
  • If successful, the server grants access to the protected resource requested by the client.

Mutual SSL authentication works similar to SSL (Secure Socket Layer) authentication, with the addition of client authentication using digital signatures. Thus, SSL authentication and Mutual SSL authentication also informally known as 1-way SSL authentication and 2-way SSL authentication

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