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Update JDE Field:EDSP After Document Processed in EBI

20th June 2014


  • Source: F47 Tables
  • Target: EDI x12 ASN (856)

In JDEdwards/EBI rulesets where we are sending outbound EDI data from the F47 tables, we need to perform a couple steps to have EXTOL update the respective header record. In the example below, we will update F47036.EDSP to be ‘Y’ once a successful outbound ASN (856) is created.

STEP 1: Update outbound ruleset to create a new record. In this case the F47036 record is selected in the middle tree of ruleset. In the example below we map F47046.EDOC, F47046.EKCO, F47046.DCTO from the source schema field -> middle tree schema field.


STEP 2: We will find the respective EXTOL Binding for the outbound transaction. Once the EXTOL Binding is open we will <RIGHT CLICK> on the header record; in this case it is F47036. We will select Column Update Actions.

In Column Update Actions we will select the fields that we identified in the ruleset to map data to in the update action.image

STEP 3: In the Outbound Collaboration Business Process Script, we will add an UPDATE SQL Action that will correspond to the EXTOL Binding (Above). In the SQL Update Action Task we will map a Storage Node that will reference the the Update Storage Node in the Single Transformation Task.

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