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Updated: Tuesday July 6th 2021

Background of Cleo Products

In April of 2016 Cleo Communications purchased EXTOL International. At the time the flagship products were named EXTOL Business Integrator (Any-to-Any Data Translator) and EXTOL EDI Integrator (iSeries EDI Translator). Cleo has re-branded these products and ll the functionally that users are accustomed to was preserved and will be enhanced over time under the Cleo product line.

Click on the links below to find out more about them and how we can assist organizations with enhancing their solutions.

Cleo Clarify Skill SetsAs an Any-to-Any data translator, Cleo Clarify offers great flexibility and alot of bells and whistles. Many of these undocumented features can be discovered with our assistance.

Cleo EDI Integrator for iSeriesCleo EDI Integrator was originally developed in 1995 by Joe and Tony Baran. In 1998 Sean Hoppe joined EXTOL International and since that time Sean has been an avid user of Cleo EDI Integrator. We can show you many facets of the product that go undiscoverd.

Cleo Harmony Skill Set

EXTOL Secure (ESX) Skill Set

EDI transactions:

x12 Inbound: 204, 210, 850, 830, 810, 856, 875 835, 837(dental, professional, institutional), 870
x12 Outbound: 211, 214, 210, 810, 820, 846, 852, 850, 855, 856, 835, 837(dental, professional, institutional), 870, 880, 990
Proprietary: ACH, NCPDP

Non-EDI transactions:

XML, flat file, A2A (Application to Application)

EDI Trading Partner Set-ups:

Turn-key EDI companies: GXS, CommerceHub, SPS Commerce
Retail: Amazon, Cabelas, Macys, Lowes, Do It Best, JCPenney, Sears, Home Shopping Network, Grainger, Home Depot, Starbucks, Best Buy, Walmart, Autozone, 3M, Caterpillar
Transportation: Roadway, Caldwell, Epes
Healthcare: State of Florida, Cigna, Emdeon
Telecommunications: AT&T, Verizon, US Cellular, Brightpoint
Financial: Wells Fargo, Bank of America


EXTOL Secure Exchange - AS2
Trailblazer - AS2/SFTP
Harmony/VLTrader - FTP, AS2, SFTP, FTPS
Webservices - REST and SOAP. Consumer and Provider
AS2 Connectivity: Wells Fargo, JP Morgran, Lowes, SPS Commerce, Home Depot, Sterling/IBM VAN, EXTOL Portal, 7-11



iSeries Skill Set:

Device and System Configuration, Configuration of TCP/IP, Configuration of SMTP server, Automation of file transfers via FTP, API programming to send email, Object Authority Definition, Maintenance of User Profiles, Digital Certificate creation (SSL for HTTPS and secure TELNET), RUNQRY, SQL, creating new application interface files.

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More information about us!

Part of the CLEO learning process is learning from qualified experts in the industry. Check out our job history, newsletter, and resume.

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