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Make Money with Cleo and EXTOL

Updated: November 6, 2019

    We are short-staffed and we are unable to create enough documentation for our users.

    We are expanding our Cleo footprint with additional websites, videos and social media presence. We are looking for experienced users that can contribute to our growing business and work their own hours.

    How to Contribute:

    EXTOL/Cleo users that visit our site have different backgrounds. Some have never used the CLEO products, while others have 20+ years of experience.

    Educating Cleo users is are foremost goal. We feel thru lessons, quick reference guides, YouTube videos and etc, users will be able to harness all features and functions.

    CLEO EDI Integrator:

    Some of the most simple tasks are sometimes daunting for users such as re-queuing an FA to re-send. Below is a sampling of areas that can be documented:

    • Formulas
    • Navigating internal DB2 tables
    • TPMC Exit Points and External Calls
    • Automation Processes

    Cleo Clarify:

    Cleo Clarify can be complex for first-time users, but we can demystify processes and initial steps. We would like to build lesson plans based on some of the areas below:

    • SVN
    • Best Practices
    • Navigating/Set-up/Maintain Postgre Tables
    • Webservices
    • Java external calls
      If you are intersted in contributing and making additional money, to your full-time job, contact us at
      Contribute @ (remove space)

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    More information about us!

    Part of the learning process of EXTOL is learning about qualified experts in the industry. Check out our job history, newsletter, and resume.

    Please feel free to contact us for a a free consultation.

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