EXTOL JDEdwards Starter Maps/Packages Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I we are not using E1 at the moment, but plan to upgrade? Can I use the EXTOL/JDE Adapter Kit for JDE World or One World?
A: Yes, with the assistance of EXTOL Support/Professional Services JDE Adapter Kit can be used for other environments.
Q: Currently we have JDE maps in production in EBI do I need the EXTOL/JDE Adapter Kit?
A: No and Yes. No, you do not need the maps but having the EXTOL/JDE Adapter Kit will allow customers make their maps more efficient. We show customers examples of how they can interface with JDE tables F0005 (UDC table) , F4104 (item x-reference table) and others.
Q: What comes with the EXTOL/JDE Adapter Kit?
A: The EXTOL/JDE Adapter Kit comes with xx outbound maps, xx inbound maps, collaborations, endpoints, file writers, Functional Acknowledgments. In addition to the EXTOL Objects our detailed documentation lists mandatory fields for each JDE transaction and documents custom interfaces, ie. SQL Actions operate.
Q: What should customers expect after they purchase the EXTOL/JDE Adapter Kit?
A: EXTOL Customers will receive the EXTOL/JDE mapping templates, documentation, support, and future releases on a quarterly basis.

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Cleo/ERP Set-ups

We have examples for many ERPs that interface with Cleo. We customize interfaces for JDEdwards, SAP, VAI/S2K, and Oracle.