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Automatically Create Conversion Map

Cleo EDI Integrator (EEI) has a slick tool to allow users to take a map from one version and convert it to another version. For example, if a trading partner is moving from x12 4010 to x12 5010 this tool would be perfect.

Step One:

From the Cleo/EXTOL Main Menu, take Option #5 (Mapping). Once in the Mapping Menu, take option #3.

Step Two:

Choose option F15 (Conversion Maps) from the bottom menu

Step Three:

Choose option F6 (Auto-create)from the bottom menu

Step Four:

Create Auto Conversion mapping. In the example below we are converting an x12 850 4010 map to a 5010 map

Cleo EDI Integrator Create Conversion Map screenshot

Step Five:

After creating the conversion map, identify the 4010 map you want to convert. Once identified place a '3' on the map.
When prompted to enter a conversion map, enter the name of the newly created conversion map. In our case, it was "TESTMAP".

Cleo EDI Integrator Apply Create Conversion Map during copy screenshot

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