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Purging EXDIIPP and EXDISPP (User View) Tables

The CLEO EDI Integrator physical files EXDIIPP and EXDISPP are primarily for user view and the members can be deleted.

In earlier versions of CLEO/EXTOL EDI Integrator there is a bug in the DLTDTA command that does not delete the physical and related logicl members.

Users might want to look into a CL that will manually delete the physical members. To assist users in deleting the PF members and the LF members, EXTOL ships a command called RMVMBRS that will delete the respective physical and logical members.

To determine if CEI is properly purging EXDIIPP and EXDISPP, run the command DSPMBRCNT. If the member counts are higher than EXDINPP and EXDDWPP, then EEI is not properly purging.

To learn more about the CMD: RMVMBRS, CLICK HERE >

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