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Preserve Connection MSGQ data with EXPIPMSGQ


In EXTOL EDI Integrator 6.3 and higher, by default the Mailroom Connection Message Queues are no longer preserved.


During the install of EXTOL EDI Integrator 6.3 or higher, In reviewing the data area EXPIPMSGQ (below), we see

EXTOL Integrator EXPIPMSGQ Data area for mailroom connections

Instead of placing a '5' on each REF segment to see which REF segment is associated with each unique REF01 qualifier, we can qualify the segments. In the example below we qualified the REF segments.

Note: The 'qualifying' of the segments in EXTOL Integrator is purley informational for the end-user.

Edit data area EXPIPMSGQ in EXTOL EDI Integrator

In the two examples below, we show two examples of the qualified REF segments.

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