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Re-Sequence Map Segments


We need to resequence the order of the Cleo EDI Integrator REF segments for an inbound EDI 860 purchase order change.


One:Cleo EDI Integrator for iSeries allows for us to requence the segments by placing an 'R' on on of the segments.

Cleo Integrator Segment Sequence Before

Two:Once we we place an 'R' on one of the segments and we hit , we will shown the current order of the REF segments.

Cleo Integrator Segment Re-sequence number before update

Three:Here we will resequence the first and second instances of the REF segment.

Cleo Integrator Segment Re-sequence number update

Four:After we confirm the resequencing, EXTOL will return to the segment map.

Cleo Integrator Segment Sequence After

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