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VAN - Track Inbound/Outbound EDI via Document Manager

The Document Manager contains status information on the contents of a Mailbox's Inbox and Outbox, and their respective Archives and Trash. You may view formatted EDI documents or other files in a new browser window. You also have the option of Restoring/Releasing files.

Users will be able to also determine the Mailbag Number for outbound transactions.

EXTOL VAN Document Manager Main Screen Screenshot

Mandatory Search Criteria

  • You Customer Name that the Mailbox ID is under.
  • The Mailbox ID Context you want to search for transactions or to monitor traffic.
  • Check the box that represents whether you need to see data that Partners sent to you [Inbox, Inbox Archive, Inbox Trash].
  • Or data that your organization sent to your Partners [Outbox, Outbox Archive, Outbox Trash].

Document Manager Grid Options

EXTOL VAN Document Manager Grid Options Screenshot

Document Manager - Outbox Archive

Users will enter the the ISA qualifier and ISA ID with a colon (:) in the middle. Once entered, users will click off of the field. If the VAN recognizes the qualifier and ID, the Customer Name [Number] field will be populated.

In the example below users can see the Mailbag Number in the Partner Mailbox Name/Mailbag# column.

EXTOL VAN Document Manager outbox archive with mailbag number Screenshot

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