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EXTOL VAN Certificate Expiring January 7, 2015

5th December 2014

EXTOL Support issued a notice to all EXTOL VAN users that their current AS2 S/MIME certificate will be expiring in January 2015.

By clicking on the link in the email, users will be able to download the AS2 certificate.


Dear Valued EXTOL VAN Customer,

The current ICCNET VAN certificate installed in the EXTOL Secure Exchange software will expire on January 7th, 2015. The new ICCNET VAN certificate can be downloaded from EXTOL’s Customer Zone at this link:

If you do not currently have a Customer Zone account, you will need to create one by clicking on “register” and submitting the form. Registration takes a few seconds.

Once logged in, click on the “Download Product Updates” button on the main page. From there, click on “ICCNet Certificate Download” to start downloading the zip file.

Once the certificate downloads, import it into the EXTOL Secure Exchange software and place it onto the EXTOL VAN partnership.

When the certificate is in place, you will need to send a file to ICCNET to complete the change.

Please also notify EXTOL Support once you have put the new certificate in place.

Failure to update the certificate by January 7th, 2015 will result in failed connections to and from ICCNET until the certificate is updated.

If you have any questions or issues downloading the certificate and putting it in place, please contact EXTOL Support at 1-800-542-7284 or e-mail

Thank you,

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