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EXTOL University 2016 :: EBI Beginner Sessions/Workshops

16th April 2016

Cleo EXTOL University 2016

EXTOL University has a wide array of classes for all end-users. This year classes are going to be focused on EXTOL EDI Integrator (EEI) and EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI) 4.

Below are a sampling of beginner classes for EBI 4

What You Need to Know When Converting from EBI 2 to EBI 4

DJ Zimniski - Loaded with new features and capabilities for enterprises serious about Business, Application and Data Integration, the 4th generation of EBI makes a compelling case to upgrade to the latest release.

Fundamentals of Flat File Integration

Chuck Buchanan - In this hands-on workshop, you’ll create Schemas from scratch as well as from sample documents, and discover how to work with those Schemas in a Ruleset

Fundamentals of XML Integration

Chuck Buchanan - During this hands-on workshop, you’ll see how EBI handles Extensible Markup Language (XML), which defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format both human- and machine-readable.

Using Project Generator for Rapid Onboarding

Scott Bensinger - This workshop will show how you can use the Project Generator to rapidly onboard new Trading Partners with fewer errors, less testing effort and better results.

Visibility and Reporting Options

Tammy Moyer - In this session, we will focus on these enhanced visibility capabilities and explore the monitoring and reporting options available through the Auditor and the EXTOL Dashboard.

What’s New in EBI?

Tammy Moyer - If you are ready to upgrade, but not sure how the new version can benefit you, this session will take you through the features and benefits of our latest release. We’ll also talk about upgrade paths and even give you a sneak peek into what is coming for the next release.

More information on these courses can be found in the Cleo/EXTOL course abstract.

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