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EXTOL University 2016 :: EBI Interm. Sessions/Workshops

24th April 2016


In an earlier post we discussed Beginner sessions for EBI 4 / Cleo Clarify. Below we will review intermediate classes being offered at EXTOL University 2016

Managing Database Changes with DB Refresh Wizard

Scott Bensinger - This workshop will show you how to use the DB Refresh Wizard to update your Database Schemas with a single click (or two!) of your mouse.

Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with EBI

DJ Zimniski - Users will learn from our integration experts. You leave with the knowledge to take your EBI Projects to the next level, by incorporating methods for reducing maintenance activity, increasing operational efficiency and streamlining common processes.

Synchronizing Integration Activity with Internal Systems

Scott Bensinger - Batch-oriented processing poses a unique challenge to keeping systems and applications  synchronized with the status of downstream EDI activity. How do we prevent an entire batch  of documents from being accidentally resent? How do we automate the resending of failed   documents? When things go bump in the night, how do we mitigate time-consuming and tedious  manual clean-up activity across multiple systems and applications?

Best Practices and Methodologies for Testing

Ali Jenan - This  session will discuss the multiple layers of testing and ownership that goes with them. If you want to be a champion on a project that has a “successful” go-live, then this is a session you shouldn’t miss.

Designing for Reuse

Ali Jenan - This session will assist you with ideas on developing for the long term with reusable objects that will make your life easier. Work smarter for a more streamlined  EBI system that others will envy!

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