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Cleo/EXTOL University - RECAP

27th May 2016


Another EU has passed and this year users saw many new faces and different name tags. All the EXTOL employees were identified as Cleo employees and Cleo leadership (CEO, President and VPs) were present. Tony Baran was still identified as CEO of EXTOL International.

This User Conference was the first time, in a long time, gave users many options to partake in, outside the given facilities. Being the conference was in Vegas, no more needs to be said.


On the first day there was a Q&A session with Tony, Mahesh, and Sumit (below)

One of the dying questions, that was asked numerous times by customers, was about EXTOL Secure Exchange (ESX). Users wanted to know if EXTOL Secure going to stay in its current form or migrate to a CLEO Solution.

Mahesh addressed this issue by letting users know that in the long run, perhaps 12-18 months (IMO), users will find an easy migration path to move from ESX to VL Trader (IMO)

Being that CLEO is a communications company this would make sense; plus there is no need to support two identical solutions. Also, it is cost effective given that Cleo would not have to certify multiple solutions with the Drummond Group.


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