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Cleo Dashboard 3.3.4 Released October 22, 2019

9th November 2019

Cleo Dashboard 3.3.4 was released on October 22nd, 2019.

Below are the release notes that can be reviewed on

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Note: The API Onboarding functionality (below) is an additional up-charge

Partner Management menu for API Onboarding

The Partner Management Dashboard menu, when licensed, provides a graphical interface over the Clarify Onboarding API and lets you view and manage deployed routes, template Projects, as well as the Trading Partners that are using them. You can also leverage existing template Projects directly from the Dashboard to onboard new partner integrations.

Use case: You need to add a new partner that will use an existing 810 Template Project to send and receive messages/documents. This Template Project can be used to quickly build a new Project, and the Partner Management menu will allow you to configure routes specific to the new partner.

The Onboarding API is a collection of methods that allow customers to rapidly onboard and manage trading partners and all associated objects. It allows for immediate deployment to the server.

The API utilizes the idea of a “template project” to create similar trading partner profile objects (trading partner, routes, envelopers, etc) and reuse of shared objects for both inbound and outbound process flows.

Other enhancements and fixes

A fix was made to the FA Reconciliation report to correct the display of incorrect outbound FA documents related to inbound documents. This also included the display of disabled Schedule Processes that continued to appear as they were running.

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