HTTP 400 Service Unavailable

HTTP 400 Service Unavailable


When EXTOL Secure customer is trying to receive inbound AS2 data from Lowes for the first time, Lowes is AS2 solution is reporting: HTTP 400 host refused an attempted connect operation error.

Lowes AS2 set-up is the following:
Format Type: S/MIME Signed/Encrypted
Encryption Algorithm: DES3 168
Signing Algorithm: SHA-1 - 160
Receipt Capability: Sync and Async
Signing Capability: Signed and Unsigned

Note - In addition to the SEND-TO IP Address above, be sure to also add Lowe's SEND-FROM IP address - and port 2080 - to any Firewall rules that you may have.

Error Message:

Lowes (trading partner) received the error message below.
Error Message: A remote host refused an attempted connect operation.
Summary: Sending of document [997ABCCustomer.edi] to [] FAILED
Related Settings: Originator:AS2 Send - Originating Party (
Recipient: AS2 Send - Recipient Party


Inbound traffic is not being allowed past the firewall to the EXTOL Secure Server


EXTOL Customer needs to inform their firewall/network people to allow inbound traffic from IP address:

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