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RTVDTM :: Retrieve System Date/Time for Outbound Map

Mapping Set-up:

In outbound Cleo (EXTOL) EDI Integrator mapping, we might need to send today's current date and in a specific format, ie 20160626.

In out example below we assigned a dummy field to the outbound x12 810 field: BIG04. Once the field is attached, we will use EXTOL's shipped program (code table): RTVDTM. Once RTVDTM is applied, we use the qualifer *ZMD for the date format: yyyymmdd.

EXTOL Integrator command rtvdtm Retrieve Date Time

More Details:

For more details on RTVDTM, users can review the RTVDTM RPG Source Code to determine the correct qualifiers, ie. *ZMD, *ISO, *YMD and etc.

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