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Custom Cleo JD Edwards Training

    JD Edwards E1 database/table configurations


    • Create specific indices for outbound transactions. Indices will greatly assist performance in data selection.
    • Review/Analyze auxillary tables (SQL lookups) for possible creating of SQL indices.
    • Review of minimum technical requirements for interfacing with Oracle 10g/11g databases
    • Idiosyncrasies between Oracle database and Cleo set-ups.

    JD Edwards Mapping Specifics


    • Review specific F47 tables (Z-tables) for EDI/non-EDI transactions.
    • Review non-F47 tables to supplemant inbound/outbound transactions.

    Leveraging JDEdwards F42 tables


    • Interface with tables such as Who's Who (F0111), . Allows users to eliminate need for Cleo code tables and place onus on business units to 'own' the data and not the IT department.

    Customizing Cleo EDI Integrator (EEI) for JDEdwards

    • Duplicate value checking in f4201
    • Who's who (F0111) to identify ship-to
    • Translation errors for missing data
    • Branch plant logic
    • Invoice MultiFormat logicals
    • ASN MultiFormat logicals
    • Review JDE EDI Z-files
    • On the fly item cross reference creation

    Who Can Benefit?
    • Companies looking to use JDEdwards with Cleo.
    • Companies looking to leverage Cleo features to streamline JDE order to cash processes.
    • Individuals looking to gain a better in-sight between Cleo and JDEdwards.
    • Users looking to reduce the time needed to go live with trading partners.

    • Check F4201 to see if inbound data had been previously entered. Stops an EDI order from coming in when it has been hand entered.
    • Utilize Who's who (F0111) when there are multiple customer locations of the same value.
    • Use an external call to review each detail line of an order to determine the branch plant (SYMCU).
    • Learn how to use multi-format logicals to sequence invoices and ASNs.

    • Training timeframe can vary.

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    Cleo Training

    When users implement a Cleo solution, the set-ups can be basic or elaborate. Depending on the complexity users need a basic understanding of the tool-set and how it operates.

    We can show users how to efficiently use Cleo products and customize for their organizational needs.